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iTeach Class Overview

iTeach class is a simple approach into learning how to use and operate all your tech products. We understand how confusing and frustrating it can be to learn, link, operate, and fuction all these devices in our world today. In these 3 set classes we will help you from start to finish. In the past 8 years we have provided thousands clients with useful knowledge and confidence to make their tech life easier.

 Learn how to be a "techy".




In our basic class feature. We provide you with email set up. Computer and device setup. We show you how all accounts now have emails and passwords. We show you how to secure this information and store for future use. We show you the "basics", getting you ready for the next class. We promise to build confidence and to teach you all the basic processes of the tech world. Your dog cant eat this homework.


You've made it past the basics. Ready for the next challenge? In this next class you will learn and teach. We show you how to completely set up and link your devices. And how to link your TV. We show you the most secure ways to save your info. We talk about "the cloud" and what it does. How to use the cloud and describe its features. We will show you great programs and services to help. We give you the option for questions and answers. Specifics. You have concerns... we will fully explain and demonstrate. This is the toughest class. You will have to answer our questions. We want you to be able to show others what you accomplish. Never loose important pictures or photos again!

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Its a bird, its a plane, no its Tech Guru. Ok we get it. You are the Techy of the house and second in command at the office. How about some hacker level stuff, some outside the box thinking. There is still much to learn my Padawan. This is the class that will help you the most. Save time and money. We teach you about unlocking. Hacking level knowledge. Customizing your devices that make you the strongest tech. Download security. What is good and why. Top level tech products. What would make the office easier, or how can I possibly know all this stuff. Own a business?? We can help you get a tech start.  Learn about SEO and SSL. IMEIs and simple settings changes. You will be "top tech" after this last class.